Silent Madness in 3D, 1984 Sorority Slasher!

'HE'S OUT NOW... The Terror has just begun!'

Jofer Jeff –

After a computer glitch accidentally releases a homicidal maniac, his doctor and some hospital staff track a trail of bodies to the sorority house where the killer committed his earlier crimes.
“The stable of TV actors are decent enough, the script’s dialogue doesn’t veer into absurdity, the 3D effects are minimal and worst of all, for a sleazy, low-rent slasher film, it just doesn’t deliver the goods that you’d expect. Unless there is some super-obscure uncut version that nobody knows about, it’s easy to see why nobody is petitioning Shout! Factory for a Blu-ray special edition.” Thomas T Sueyres, Video Junkie
Aside from a few deadened stretches of dialogue, there’s no room to complain. Synths are ravishing. Grit is ingrained. Photography brainstorms with the then-waning 3-D novelty, resulting in resourceful kill scenes and a competent structure. Combine it all with decent acting from recognizable leads, a few laughs, some jumps, and a little twist or two, and you’ve got a virtuous indie-slasher that sticks to the basics and sets the evening ablaze with warmth.” Joseph A Ziemba, Bleeding Skull


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From Wikipedia:

Silent Madness is a 1984 3D slasher film directed by Simon Nuchtern and starring Belinda Montgomery, Viveca Lindfors, Sydney Lassick, with Solly Marx as psychotic killer Howard Johns.[1] One of the later films in the 1980s 3-D revival, Silent Madness was filmed with the ArriVision 3-D camera system.

A computer error leads to the accidental release of homicidal patient Howard Johns from a mental institution. The mute murderer returns to the scene of his original crimes.


TRIVIA: In 1983, JAWS 3-D was filmed with the same ArriVision 3-D Camera System as SILENT MADNESS in 3-D 


I really can’t tell you why I kinda loved this awful movie but I did. Other reviews seem to be in the “hate it” to “good” category but I’m thinking this falls into the “so bad it’s good” category…and I really needed one of those. I just came off Howling VI: The Freaks so, to be honest, it wouldn’t take much of anything for me to like it better.The nonsensical (as expected) plot is about a crazy sorority girl-murdering psycho who is released from a hospital due to a ngame switcheroo. They were supposed to release John Howard. He’s Howard Johns. Oops! Totally expected professional mistake, right? Once out, he goes on a new killing spree and his psychiatrist… more


Silent Madness Video Trailer


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