's DOUBLE FEATURE: NOCTURNA (1979) showing with.. VAMPIRE (1979)

Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula…

1979 POSTER with Yvonne De Carlo
1979 POSTER with Yvonne De Carlo

‘Nocturna (more commonly referred to by its promotional title Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula) is a 1979 film conceived by star Nai Bonet and written and directed by Harry Hurwitz, who was credited as “Harry Tampa.” This was the fourth and final time John Carradine played Count Dracula; he had also played him in House of Frankenstein, House of Dracula and Billy the Kid vs. Dracula. It premiered in France at the Paris Festival of Fantastic Films on March 1, 1979 to coincide with its U.S. release. The movie is copyrighted 1978 in the opening and ending credits as it was filmed in October and November 1978′.-WIKIPEDIA

( Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula (1979) is copyrighted to Nai Bonet Enterprises, Ltd.)

Steven GabbardThanx for uploading this. I’ve been looking for this one for a long time. I might be wrong but I seem to remember Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel choosing this film as Dog of the Week on one their PBS Sneak Previews show. Okay, there’s not much story here. In fact, it would have been a better movie if they had thrown the story out and just allowed Nai Bonet to twirl around and take baths for the whole film. But, what’s not to like? Nai Bonet is beautiful, personable, and not modest and she gets the majority of the screen time. If you’re a disco fan from the 70’s, the music is entertaining. Plus, there’s bats and spooky castles and Times Square as it was in the 1970’s! Give me a box of popcorn! I’m in heaven! This is a perfect midnight drive-in movie. What’s on the screen is entertaining and if you get hungry, you can head to the snack bar and pick up a pizza and come back and stretch out in your car and…you won’t miss a damn thing! What happened to Nai Bonet? She was a belly dancer in real life. The guy who financed this film got shot in 1981 and that appears to be the end of her movie career. She was a limited actress but this film didn’t press her limits any. The scenes of her on the dance floor only proved that…she was a belly dancer… who had no clue how to disco dance. But she was beautiful and wore see through clothing so…who cares? Dog of the week? Hell, I live for movies like this!-Steven Gabbard


Vampire, 1979

‘**Made-for-TV** Something is killing people in present day San Francisco. This originally aired Oct.7,1979 on ABC.’-TVfanatic


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