Night Ripper, 1986

A maniac stalks and kills models. Wow, thats a new one. I havent heard of a slasher movie using that plot device before.

Someone is going around brutally murdering young female models. The only connection between the victims seems to be that they have all had pictures taken by the same photographer at the same photo studio. As the dead bodies continue to pile up the police can’t help but wonder if someone who works at the studio is responsible for the murders. Is it the guy that owns the studio, his weird business partner, the angry delivery girl who seems to hate ever y other human being on the planet, or someone entirely different who just has some sort of grudge in general against models?

I honestly think that if I hadn’t had a group of friends over that I wouldn’t have been able to have finished it if I had attempted to watch it by myself. It has some terrible acting, silly characters, scenes that are either way too long or just pointless in general, and several other problems. I usually hate it when the people I am watching a movie with keep making smart ass comments about the film and try to pretend that they are as witty as Joel, Mike, Servo, and Crow, but it really didn’t bother me this time around. If you are more entertained by the comments being made about a movie that you are watching than the actual movie itself then there is definitely a problem (or in this case, a lot of problems).


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