A boarding house tenant has nightmares of a vicious dog that was killed on the property and mauled bodies begin turning up. Starring Mitch Pileggi (The X Files).
In the film’s pre-credits curtain raiser, Mongrel establishes it’s grimy and unnerving mood with a disorientating point of view shot accompanied by heavy breathing that is somehow part human and part bestial – and in turn, this becomes a perfect summary of what this seldom-seen and therefore unfairly underrated gritty take on lycanthropy is all about. The film is a tightly woven character study that could quite honestly be likened to the much-championed masterwork Martin(1978) from George A. Romero – where our anti-hero goes through his alienated existence believing he is a vampire. Mongrel uses the concept and themes of lycanthropy as it’s sturdy skeletal story structure — having the jittery, troubled and tormented protagonist fall victim to the violent outbursts of the condition — but ultimately the film favors an invested interest in the character’s personal relationships, social awkwardness, repressed sexuality and neurosis rather than tipping into full-blown fang bearing, fur sprouting werewolf territory. […]

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  • Robert A. Burns was an art director who worked on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Re-Animator, The Howling, and other classic genre films from the 1970s and ’80s. Burns was born, raised and died in Texas, so it was only fitting that his directorial debut was filmed entirely in Austin.
  •  This movie was released in 1982 but it looks and feels like a small town 70s grindhouse filler. It’s slightly better shot and acted than shit like Three On A Meathook but it’s not much more entertaining.
  • Mongrel is another shitty rare movie from 1982 and directed by Robert A. Burns, apparently Robert worked in great movies like Re-Animator, The Howling, Tourist Trap and last but not least The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and etc. Wonderfull movies he participated and worked but Mongrel was really pile of shit, I didn’t like it one bit.The acting was not great and the story was the worst part. In the beginning of this flick, you actually think the killer is a vicious dog but its Jerry and that made upset and angry.

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