Dont Go In The Woods… Alone!, 1981 $20,000 Budget Slasher!

'Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest ways too die.'

A 1981 slasher that is not a good B movie film but i decided to post it here anyways. Horror Movie Marathon – Review – October 2013 Grade: F Plot: A feral mountain man hunts down unsuspecting campers in the forest. Commentary by JBM from .


The film was shot on a budget of $20,000 in the summer of 1980, during the director’s seven-year sojourn.[2] It was shot in outdoor locations, partly in order to save money on the film’s lighting.[3]Parts of the film were shot in Brighton, Utah.[4]

In the 1980s, the film was deemed a video nasty in the United Kingdom, and subsequently banned by issuance of the Video Recordings Act. Aside from an early rare video release, it was not available for rent or sale in the UK until 2007, when it was released uncut on DVD with a 15 certificate. It was classified as R18 in New Zealand for its violence. On 8 February, 2015, Vinegar Syndrome re-released the film in a limited screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Yonkers, New York,[6] and on March 10, 2015, they released the film for the first time on Blu Ray.[7]

Linda Gross, a critic for the Los Angeles Times, called the film “a terrible turkey” and criticized the poor direction, screenplay and acting.[8]

Paul Mavis, writing for DVD Talk, gave the film one-and-a-half stars out of five, calling it “a crappy little horror film made on a shoestring budget with people who really showed some grit in getting it done. That’s fine, and more power to those people. But that doesn’t make it good.”[9] Similarly, Dread Central, which awarded it two out of five, called it “a bad film”, and also “an unpretentious bit of campy horror that’s really just trying to have a good time.”[10] AllMovie wrote “This splatter hack-job was forged during the slasher gold rush of the early ’80s, and though it’s inept enough to inspire guffaws for those who find ineptness amusing, there’s nothing to recommend for connoisseurs of horror.”[11] Don’t Go in the Woods was also lambasted by DVD Verdict, which stated “Aside from one nasty bit with a bear trap and a sequence toward the end that faintly—and accidentally, believe me—recalls The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in its slow, dread-saturated buildup, director James Bryan’s splatter film is an incoherent mess. An endless parade of victims keeps the fake blood squirting, but the murder sequences are so poorly staged that it’s usually impossible to tell precisely what’s happening. The most frightening thing about this alleged horror film, aside from its bad synthesizer soundtrack, is its pacing. Murder sequences are clumped together throughout the film, leaving a lot of flab in between.”[2]

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