Divine live @ The Hacienda, Manchester

'I saw this show at the Camden Palace in Dec. '83 and, take my word, we were more alive than these Mancunian zombies.' - Philippe Chassaigne

Best Divine Video Live 1983 febr.( full version )

‘On 16 February 1983, Divine performs a seven-song set at the Hacienda Club in Manchester. His peroxide blond hair sticks in all directions; he’s dressed in a skin-tight, short, off-one-shoulder, sparkling dress that he says he got from the queen, who wouldn’t wear it. The set includes Gang Bang (the name-game song), Jungle Jezebel, Born To Be Cheap, Alphabet Rap, Native Love, Shake It Up, and, for an encore, Shoot Your Shot. The band, whom we never see, is techno-rock. Between songs, Divine chats up the audience, usually talking about sex.’ <[email protected]> via imdb.com


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